Embrace The Rainbow

Embrace The Rainbow
Embrace The Rainbow

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Yesterday vs. Today

  Well as everyone could see yesterday wasn't one of my best days to write everything I was thinking or so I thought. No one put me down about how I was feeling or how I wrote things so I'm good.

  Now last night I had some great news from Vee and was so excited I couldn't sit still at all! Thanks Vee for taking my advice and you gotta put more faith in yourself hun. Your like a sister/brother to me already. (Hope that explains some things.) Now once you put that faith into yourself believe me it'll work wonders. Now about this date you have I think it's amazing and that it'll go perfectly smooth. (Love you!) Also just be yourself no matter how you act I'll still love you regardless!

  So since last night and the start of today has been great. I stayed up late talking to my partners or well hehe stayed up until 2am talking to three of my partners and then another got home from work and then he and I talked until about 4:30 am in the morning. Man I have missed talking to them all but, then again I talk to one or two of them every day. Just gotta remember that work is important. Now mind you I have to also get a job that pays well so I can get to them. Yet, I have faith that all is going to work out the way it should.

  Can I say that I've had a long day yet? No because honestly my day hasn't been wrapping up until the new day has already begun! I'm driving myself nutty I know but I am having a lot of fun losing my marbles. (In the sense that I am so blasted tired that I'm going insane! But, it feels so nice to talk to them and we don't have to worry about a few things.) I'm going to guess if I can get everything earned that I will have one hell of a good time moving. Now mind you I don't have to much stuff to really move. I could go by bus and everything if I wanted. Plans plans plans plans! Ugh I'll figure it all out hehe.

  Now I have been singing Sexy can I & Bed Rock && Bleeding Love as well. I've been so damn happy since last night that I have even gotten up and danced! I love to dance and sing and just have fun. But, lord I can imagine what my partners would think it I pressed close and started grinding against them as I dance Whoa gotta stop before I get to ahead of myself.


  1. You. Are. A. Sweetheart!!! I'm glad that I was able to brighten your day. I'm going to do it again: I'M A PUBLISHED AUTHOR!!!! LOL. "Unthinkable" is published on Lulu.com *Happy Dance*

    I am so happy that you got a chance to talk to some of your partners and that you're so busy and active with getting things together so that you can move to be with them and be totally happy. I'm so happy that you've been so happy and that I contributed a little to that.

    I will be myself at my date (I promise) and I will try to have more faith in myself. It might take a little time. But I will try. I love you too and you are a GREAT Lil' Sis!


  2. ~Laughs softly as a big smile spreads over her lips~ You have just made my day and damn I can't believe it's already 3:30 pm ugh!

    I am happy not only was the night before last night amazing and I got to talk to a few of my partners BUT last night OMG ~Squeals~ I got to talk to the one who works three jobs to support his family (I'll tell you about him more later with his permission. He's older than well he's older than me and I love him and age just doesn't matter to me. And when I mean his family I mean blood grandkids.) Yes I know I might be a little bit weird but, Hey it doesn't mean I don't love anyone any less due to age. But I had fun talking until 2:40 am this morning might as well say 3 am.

    You better be Vee or I'll just have to make a trip to you and kick you in the pants for not being yourself! I love you too and your the best Big Sis any Lil sister could ask for!

  3. Oh man I don't want you to come down here to kick me in the pants! Only one thing is supposed to be going up my ass and a foot it is not! LOL. *naughty grin*.

    I'm happy you got a chance to talk to your partner that's super busy. He sounds very honorable, about him working 3 jobs, that's really great that he would do that. And yes, I agree, age doesn't matter. As long as all parties involved are of the age of consent or both are minors (b/c we know that teenagers are having sex) then it's alright. Do you Lil' Sis! I'm just glad that you're happy and if they make you happy they could be 200 and I wouldn't care. LOL.

    Love you. I have had such a squealy day that I am EXHAUSTED!!

  4. Haha I know what you mean there Vee!

    Yeah I know. Reason I ain't told ages is because of the fact some would never approve.

    Love you too and I bet you are hehe!