Embrace The Rainbow

Embrace The Rainbow
Embrace The Rainbow

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

9/11 and remembering

Has anyone felt that remembering 9/11 could be so sad that you remember things that happened afterwards? Well today I am remembering and it is very sad. 11 years ago and yet it still feels like yesterday. Lordy, I've never felt more scared as time passes. I also realize that in the years afterwards we've grown some how stronger and more aware of what we need to look at in life.

I'm not saying that we were blind before but we didn't really see everything around us. We where always trying to rush rush rush rush. Now we still rush but we also remember what rushing can do.

Tragic things and even more tragic stories. I know that my heart goes out to all the men women and children who still grieve for a lost loved one. My heart goes out to the parents who lost a child. A wife who lost a husband. A husband who lost a wife. A husband who lost a husband. The kids who lost either one parent or both. No one should of had to go through that. No one. Maybe it's how I think but, I don't think anyone should have had to suffer through what everyone 11 years ago suffered. I've sat and thought of a lot of things the past 11 years and I still feel the affects of what happened even now. Being a kid didn't dull the facts for me. It just made me see a whole lot of suffering in such a very very short time frame.

I'm not a child any longer and I have clearer thoughts now than I did back then. I'm not worrying about just myself or where I'll be going. I'm more worried about the world's issues than just my own. I gained a lot for the memories I have. The images are still burned into my brain. I think of the past and the present and all I can do is do the best at becoming who and what I wish to be. Only time shall tell what everyone needs to know right?

Never forget Always Remember. Always think & Always Always be kind because you never know what could happen.