Embrace The Rainbow

Embrace The Rainbow
Embrace The Rainbow

Friday, March 30, 2012

This is for Vic (I love you)

I am a man:

Days creep by and flash around
Trying to find what I've already known
Looking to live
looking to breath easier
Finding that I've been a man from under
Under my skin I am a man
Under my skin I am the man I wish to be
In my heart I'm the man that some can't see
In my soul I am a man
In my eyes and in my soul in my heart and in the deepest depths of my being I am and have always been a man.
Ones that shun me have no business to put me down.
Ones who shun me have no business in my life.
This is my truth.
This is my life.
I am a man.
I will always be a man.
No matter who says otherwise.
One day very soon I'll show you all just how much of a man I am.
I am real just as any man is real.
I keep it honest & true.
I protect what is mine.
I protect my family.
I will protect the kids I shall have.
I will protect everything and everyone that I claim as part of my family.
A man I am and respect I deserve.
I do more than some of these half ass men on this earth.
I work constantly on trying to better the world.
I work hard to better myself as well.
I write and I inspire.
Can some of you other men say that very same thing?
Don't cast the first stone.
If you are unwilling to have the glass home broken.
I have been a man since birth.
I was only born with the wrong parts.
My parts didn't grow the right way.
But I've always known that I was a man am a man.
So to cast a stone you most first cast it at yourself.
I am a man weather you wish me to be or not.

Vic, know that I will always love you. That the ones who support you my dear will always be there. Keep your head held high and please know that when a stone is cast just kick it aside.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Been A while

  I've not been in the mood to write much lately here. So this is a 3 week update.

     After march 2nd I started having dreams and freaking out big time. I've been trying to rest a bit better and this past weekend the dreams shifted and filtered out becoming more good than bad. I've been dealing with that and on top of it all I've been dealing with the simple fact of keeping my niece in my sister's and mine's home.

    My sister left the idiot. Has an EPO out on him and all is well you'd think right? HA! Not a damn chance. We had to spend one whole day cleaning up after him to get our place spotless. One whole freaking day oh yeah talk about sore and tired I was and my sister was as well. Plus the calls that were no answers and I'm not stupid I knew who those calls and hang ups were. Not to mention and this is what puts a burr under my ass cheeks. He asked for DNA on the baby. Now mind you we all know my sister was faithful to his sorry ass. We all know that the baby is his. He's just doing it to hurt my sister and get back at her.

    I've been trying my hardest to keep calm with that and other things going on. I'm happy to say my niece is sleeping better and she's found her voice. Gods please let her hush for five minutes during the day for me though please! Just five minutes is all I'm asking LMAO! She has been going non-stop for about a week and a half now. To be honest it makes me happy to know that the baby is doing so much better. I love my niece so much.

    I've been trying to get my mind set on writing my books and stories but ugh all this is driving me up the wall. I'll get there I am sure of it. So since I've been trying too write I've realized that I've never really shared to much of my writing perhaps some here and there. Eh I'll get around to that at some point. I'm on and off here a lot so I'll give updates weekly or so don't worry to much about me I'm fine!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

I'm Safe & Sound after March 2nd KY Tornados

  I'm just letting everyone know that I'm safe. Although the town I live in is damaged and in shambled ruins. A lot of people are out of jobs. But the biggest thing of all is there are a lot of people that aren't accounted for. It's scary and really my home wasn't even hit but my blood family a lot of them in West Liberty, KY and Slayersville, KY they did get hit. I live in Slayersville. It is really shocking to see all the trees uprooted, electric lines down, houses that were there are now gone.

  It is really hard to look at and worst thing is that day we went out and had a lot of rain and stuff. Yet here at home we had nothing going on. Down the road there was a lot going on though. I can't believe all the homes that aren't standing anymore. I can't believe the ruin that this has caused in this state. I can only imagine the things it done to other places and states.

  I'm praying right now for people I know in other states and hoping that I can get in contact with them soon.