Embrace The Rainbow

Embrace The Rainbow
Embrace The Rainbow

Sunday, March 4, 2012

I'm Safe & Sound after March 2nd KY Tornados

  I'm just letting everyone know that I'm safe. Although the town I live in is damaged and in shambled ruins. A lot of people are out of jobs. But the biggest thing of all is there are a lot of people that aren't accounted for. It's scary and really my home wasn't even hit but my blood family a lot of them in West Liberty, KY and Slayersville, KY they did get hit. I live in Slayersville. It is really shocking to see all the trees uprooted, electric lines down, houses that were there are now gone.

  It is really hard to look at and worst thing is that day we went out and had a lot of rain and stuff. Yet here at home we had nothing going on. Down the road there was a lot going on though. I can't believe all the homes that aren't standing anymore. I can't believe the ruin that this has caused in this state. I can only imagine the things it done to other places and states.

  I'm praying right now for people I know in other states and hoping that I can get in contact with them soon.

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