Embrace The Rainbow

Embrace The Rainbow
Embrace The Rainbow

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Kitty Kat Mode

  Many people see that I am very sweet understanding, sensitive, loving, caring. That however is just the normal me when I am in a great mood. That's the Kat side of me.

Now the Kitty Kat Mode I have is the bossy all claws no holds bar bitchy side of me. Take in small doses. I am still Kat just in a way it is different. I can be a kick your ass into gear type of woman or a woman who is comforting you. Sometimes they blend together and it turns out as a very bossy caring loving sweet woman. I call that the Blend Mode.

This subject came after reading Matt & Brad's blog today and Matt's Panic mode taking him over. I care a lot for both Matt and Brad. I want to see them do well for each other. I am excited and scared for Matt because I know how the feeling is about panicking about things that honestly matter to you.

I know Matt is scared and Panicking for a reason it is totally NORMAL. I've been there done that whole panic and reassess my surroundings so many times that it makes me feel ugh.

Now to show my comment I gave to Matt's post. Sorry if it sounds bitchy or mean. That wasn't my aim at all when I wrote it.

"VeVe you are right. It is NORMAL. I remember when I went to take my CNA's class I was so blasted nervous and I just wanted to hide behind something.

Matt, you can and will do this. You don't want Vic mood on your case kicking your butt to class everyday! Although that would be nice in the end because VeeVee mood means VeeVee will be sweet and understanding.

Now Boss Brad needs to kick you in the pants too and remind you that you are a Mini-Adult....yes I went there. You my dear man need to take those meds go to your happy place and for gods sake don't panic! You panic and you get that awful feeling of falling on your ass. I know been there done that.

Don't make me bring out the bossy Kitty Kat in me. Claws are very sharp. You are not a fuck up...You are a smart sweet kind gentle man and you need to think positive!

We're here for you Brad is there for you and you an and will make it. Or else we're all going to become a bit bossy and give you a right good kick to the butt you sit on.

Now I hope class goes great. That you are calm and you have a good day all the way around. I'll talk to you soon on GR as soon as you get settled into college that is!

Brad when you read this please don't be mad it's the big sister in me. I'd do the same to you too if you started getting all panic attack on yourself."

I care dearly and I know sometimes I do a piss poor way of showing that but, I care a lot sometimes I think to much. That doesn't stop me from caring though!

So Matt if you ever read this and if Brad does to....I am here for you. I support you both no matter what. I don't mean to be mean to either of you. I just want to kick you in the pants so you'll become the men you were meant to become.

VeeVee I love and care for you as well and you can kick me in the pants any day of the week.

Sid that goes for you as well. Anytime you need to give me a good kick to the pants do so. I'd do the same for anyone that I considered a friend. I care for you all and I care for the opinions and the comments left to me. Even if they some how offend which nither VeeVee or You have done.

Peace, Laugh, Love, Giggles



  1. Hey Kat. Guess who? We both wanted to post this as a way so say Thank You for what you wrote.

    First Matt: I just got home from class and everything was total smoothness this afternoon. I totally freak out sometimes like this morning and it really did help to write out what I was feeling. Then I get home and Brad is waiting for me and he's dying to show me what everybody wrote on our blog today. I swear you don't know how helpful is was to read what you wrote! The best part is knowing that you don't judge me as a fuck-up. And, no, nothing you said sounded bitchy or mean. The word I would us is that you care enough to be direct and honest and genuine. It's people like you I put any stock in listening to and take seriously. So, yes, you can kick my ass anytime you think I need it... lol. My ass might get a little sore, but I need it kicked every now and then.... but ONLY from people like you who really care. So, here's a BIG HUG back at you. Now, Brad is taking me out to dinner and promised to sleep over tonight. It's such a great feeling to feel loved, cared for and not judged. You, my friend, are a "true" friend. I'm lucky to know you. Truely.

    Now Brad: Kat, all I want to add is I wish you could have seen Matty's sweet face when he was reading what you wrote. I was watching him the whole time and it really affected him. He got teary and just said, "Wow, this is just what I need to hear. She's for real." Then we hugged a long time. So, like Matty said, thanks for being our friend. Can't wait to get to know you better!

  2. Hi, Kat. You don't know me but I consider Matt my best friend in the world. I apologize for intruding in your blog but he called me a few minutes ago and told me to see what you wrote. He was really moved by what you said and told me if I ever needed my ass kicked and deserved it, I should let you know!... lol. He's kicked my ass a few times and finally got me to see a therapist when we were in high school together because I got depressed big time and suicidal after coming out to my family. Anyway, sorry for dropping all this here in your blog. Just wanted to say any friend of Matt's is a friend of mine. I'm looking forward to reading your blog from now own. Thanks, Troy

  3. ~Smiles~ It is the big sister in me. You two are the best and you really both of you the blog everything it makes me smile cry laugh sometimes. Then it is other times I just want to be there to hold you both through the rough times. (Big sisterly like!) Everything I do everything I say is ALL me. I know what people feel like through everything. Now for something separate to to you both.

    Matt...You are someone who not only has the courage to make it in life but you have the man of your dreams in Brad. He is there through it all know what you need when you need it. I'd be proud to kick you in the ass at any time you need it because I DO care and it's a part of who I am. I know what it is like to feel like a fuck-up. I feel like that every day. Then I have several men in my life kicking me in the pants. My loving partners are constantly bringing me back up to the point of a happiness that I have always needed. I know what Brad is to you BECAUSE I have that with my partners...A love that is full never ending and gods does it hurt to be a part from them. You hold onto your Bossy Brad because hunny I am more than sure you can make it and keep your love strong with him. I know you will make it through everything that is hard in life. I know because I can see that part of you that can and does think "Hey, it's not so bad when Brad's beside me. It's not so bad and I CAN do it. No matter how long it takes I can DO it." ~Hugs Matt tightly and kisses his cheek~

    Brad: I was a little more than teary eyed when I read Matt's post this afternoon. I was thinking "My gods this strong amazing man is so nervous he's so REAL and I don't have to hide what I want to tell them at all." I to wish I could have seen Matt's face when he read what I wrote. You love him to death and Isee that in everything you write about him. I feel like being myself is easy when I comment to anything you both blog about. It's REAL...it's true and honest and you never half ass anything you say. There are a lot of people I have met "Online" that have acted one way and then met them face to face and they were a complete 180. But if I ever got lucky enough to meet you two face to face I am sure you two wouldn't do a complete 180 on me. You both are really sweet. You both have certain sides to you. Matt is the Master mode and you Brad are the one who goes into Boss mode. It's nice to see that you two can talk about that to on the blog.

    To the both of you. A relationship like yours comes around once in a lifetime. If you are smart and I have no doubt that you to aren't smart as hell you'll do anything and everything to keep your love strong. I am scared to be judged for being me but, I can honestly say that at 20 nearly 21 years of age that I have partners who truly love me. They lord want to hold me tight through my pain and sometimes they don't even have to speak to be there for me. It's long distance for now but, this is a fact about my partners and me....We have the kind of love that lasts just like Yours is a love that is meant to last. I am starting new relationships with a couple partners and keeping the relationships I had before the new ones. We have an understanding about the relationships and I am constantly trying to keep from Panicking myself.

  4. Troy, My blog and the comments are welcomed here (Unless your going to sprout hate then I'll just tell a person to fuck off but, I doubt I'd have to say that to you) I have seen your comments on I think Thorny's blog and also Matt & brad's blog. I am someone who doesn't fear telling the truth to people unless it has a harmful affect on me or that person. I have had to figure out a lot in the last three years about myself. There are some issues already on my blog that I have addressed that affect me on a daily bases. I am sure if you ever need your ass kicked I'd gladly do it in a heartbeat. Same goes for Matt and Brad both. I think friends are important. I think good true friends are needed. I do honestly care for a good deal many people.

  5. You know I love you right? And if you had said anything mean or bitchy on Matt and Brad's blog do you think I would have let you get away with it? Not just because of them, but because it wouldn't have been YOU so I would have let Vic out and let you deal with it.

    You are a sweetheart and I completely agree with the boys. You are for real, you are a sweetheart and I'm so glad that I have you to comment on my blog and their blog and to just be in my life in general.

    You rock my face off, whether you're "Kat" or "Kitty Kat". Now, if you ever become "Pussy Kat," we might have a problem.......LOL.

    Everyone needs someone who cares about them enough to give them a kick in the pants, to care enough about them to want to see them become the greatest version of themselves, we're all lucky, me, Matt, Brad, Sid, we're all lucky that we have that in you.



  6. ~Squeezes VeVe~ I know you love me and I know you would have let Vic mood come out and let me have it. Oh no, I don't think for a minute you would have let me get away with it. Vic and VeeVee both would have spoke up. Vic mood the most though!

    "Pussy Kat" ~Snickers~ Reserved for my partners. ~Chuckles softly~ But, you all will see "Kat" and "Kitty Kat" as much as you want (Although dear lord Kitty Kat is a nickname from my partner! Dear Lord, I just realized that one lol)

    Everyone even I need someone to give me a kick in the pants. I care enough to be the one to give my friends the kick in the pants they deserve. Sometimes they need comfort and I give that to.

  7. LOL. Yeah Vic has been chomping at the bit all day. I'll have to write a blog and tell you about the hot guy and his asshole brother I met today. GGggrrr....I went from "smooth Vic" to "weepy Vee" to "pissed off Vic" in like fifteen minutes. LOL.

    Anyway, you are right that we all need that and we're all glad we have that in you.

    Doesn't it stink when an ex gives us a nickname and it sticks? The first guy I ever fucked called me "Vic", I had been thinking "Roni" but "Vic" is what ended up sticking and now it's what I'm comfortable with.

  8. You should I would like to know why My VeVe has been from one Vic to Weeping Vee back to Vic pissed off.

    Oh I am still with the one who started calling me Kitty Kat. Love him to death. But yes an ex gave me the nickname Sweetie and it has stuck for years. Still makes me feel weird but, I am comfortable with it.

  9. I explained the whole thing in my post. I feel somewhat better now. I even mentioned you in it. Consider this post my inspiration for it. Thought I'd thank some of the people who have helped me in some way. So there's this long list...not really long but *shrug* you know.

    Anyway, "Sweetie" was a nickname? I thought that was like a pet name or something. My ex, Brandon "the ass" used to call me baby or "BDV" all the time, I'm glad that those nicknames didn't stick. LOL. Although "BDV" was nice. Hahaha.

    (Why is my word verification "truths"? LOL)

  10. (Haha nice a sign truths hehe) I commented and you should read and no getting mad it's the truth. I got some damn good friends because they stuck up for assholes at first and family but in the end they were nice people.

    Dick though sounds like a real prick! Jack sounded nice until the whole apologizing for Dick uh uh no no.

  11. I saw and thank you. I must admit that I used to apologize to my parents when my siblings used to screw up and then one day my mom looked at me and she says, "If you keep apologizing for them, they will never take responsibility for their actions and never grow or mature." Then I stopped doing it. If I see Jack again, I think I'll tell him that.

    (butabas is my word now...my mind went in the gutter say it fast and it sounds like butt and balls. LOL)

  12. You should tell him that.and you are right and she was right.

    (Laughs...OMG can't stop laughing)

  13. *big grin*

    OH MAN!! I just came up with the GREATEST pickup line EVER!

    So you run up to the person you want, panting and out of breath and you say really loudly "There you are! I have been looking everywhere for you!" And when they look at you all confused and say "Excuse me?" You look at them and say, "Well, aren't you the man/woman of my dreams? I saw you and I could have sworn that it was you standing here."

    *bows* That's some classic shit right there! *fist bump* Hahaha! I had to share that with you.

  14. ~Chuckles~ OMG greatest pick up line in the whole world

    Where in the world do you come up with it.

    ~fist bumps and shakes her head~ Glad you did hun it's amazingly good pick up line

  15. LOL. That was a Vic thing right there. I'm telling you I am smooth like melted butter on velvet. LOL. I am so using that on someone....

  16. You should might get you a few dates ~Winks~

  17. I know right...hey what am I saying I got enough partners don't need anymore...hmm well need to talk to them that is what I need right now

  18. Haha. You go talk to your partners girl! What I NEED to do is get my little brothers to find me some cute guys....hhhmmm....

    *devious grin*

  19. ~Chuckles~ Have fun with that and before you do anything talk to JACK next time you see him!

  20. IF I see him again I will talk to him. I promise.

    desse? desse....

  21. Desire Enlighten sex sexy enabled....Desse ~Snickers~ All the things I think you have or got hehe. It's a when I just know it hehe. You'll see Hun.

  22. LOL. I loved your acronym for desse and THANK YOU for the compliments!

    I appreciate you "when". I hope so, I really do.


  23. Occasionally righteous Intelligent crazy exciting transgender/Bi-gender (Sorry I was thinking of a word to put there and that was the only thing I could think of) yowers! painfully sexy!

    Your welcome hun and I aim to make you smile and laugh a little bit!

  24. OH MAN!!! That's awesome!! LOL. I feel bad because I'm not doing that for you!

    My word is inses. Now I can go the dirty way and say incest OR I can say

    Intelligent Nice Sexy Encouraging Smart!

  25. ~Chuckles~ Nice Love bug...Hmm oh it's okay not to do it for me I'm just being silly myself and you make me smile a lot to begin with hehe

  26. Awww thank you! I do try to make you smile. So I found a really, really hot and sexy gay guy who has a blog on here right? Of course I find out that he's in a committed relationship. I'm so disappointed. But I realized that that might just be my best bet. Find a sexy guy's blog, chat him up and get him to fall in love with me. LOL.

    Santio....Think I just found Pantil's last name

  27. Hmm that just might work but then again who knows what the future holds hmm?

    Hey I think your right!