Embrace The Rainbow

Embrace The Rainbow
Embrace The Rainbow

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Opinions of a few I have met (Nothing bad I swear!)

  I never thought I would ever get to the point where I could say that I was loved as I can say now. Maybe it's because I have several loves in my life. Not just my partners but family as well. I'm going to share my insight on a few people I have met in such a short time. Starting from a loving big sister to people that touch my life deeply every day even if they don't know it.

  First my partners, although I do not mention them by name here I really want to share how I see them. I feel everything with them and sometimes I do cry. Being so far away from them is a struggle for me. I hate where I live with a passion. Yet, I know my time with them is coming and when it does people who get in the way of my happiness will really wish they hadn't. I would do anything for my partners and I truly hope they realize that. I would tell them anything and I really try. Each and every single one of them brings something inside of me alive. They make me feel alive, cared for, loved, cherished, unique, & most importantly I am IN love with them. That's the most important thing to me. They all are the most important people in my life except for my adopted family.

   My Two Big Brothers I love them deeply. They apart of my adopted family and I wouldn't trade anything in this world that would make it less true. I would however trade anything in this world to keep them in my life. I don't think either of them know or understand just how much they affect my life just by being who they are. They make me want to be somebody rather than nobody at all.

  My adopted family period. I love them always have always will for the last 3 years and nothing and no one could ever change my love for them. I'd fight to the death to keep them in my life. I could never ask for more for a family. Nothing really ever seems right unless I tell them how I am or how I am feeling.

  VeeVee...I haven't known her long but I truly care for her deeply. She's like the big sister I never had (I do have a big sister that a half-sister but she doesn't treat me well) Vee is sweet, compassionate, warm, caring, loving, and all around sexy person who could never be replaced in this world. She lifts me up even when I don't need lifting and she gives so much of herself in her writing. She makes sure a person gets the message the first time and never let's you down not even when she thinks she does. Vee has so much pride that I don't think she sees it truly in herself. Not like a lot of us see it anyways. There are so many wonderful things about her and I could go on and on about how I see her. But, I have no desire to make her cry. I just wanted to share a little insight on how I see her. She is also like a big brother to me because as much as I love her she has her Vic side. They are nearly the same person just. Hehe you rarely can tell the difference unless she is mad or in a very excited mood.

  Matt is a sweet heart from the blog 2 boys in love. I can not tell him enough because honestly he is special to me and I have never in my life met the man. His & Brad's blog talks about so real honest things that make me smile, laugh, anger (when Matt posted about seeing the guy from high school), cry & sometimes I just do two things out of the list all at once. Not the anger though that is reserved for the bad shit that has happened. I see so many people who cares for Matt & Brad both that it makes me smile make me grin and yes sometimes even makes me cry. I never knew there could be so many caring people out there towards anyone. Matt always brings his best and his worst and seems to blend it together. Sometimes he is a bundle of nerves and we're all trying to tell him. TAKE a step back, breathe, relax, take a step forward. I'm an overprotective big sister. To me Matt is like a little brother to me.

  Brad is a bossy sweetheart. his love for Matt shines through when he is posting about Matt. I would kick anyone's ass over hurting either Brad or Matt. This is just the kind of person I am. Brad is a good deal many things. He has said that I am a sweetheart and sometimes I honestly think I can be a bitch. But, Brad he can make a smile come onto anyones face. Make their day even when they truly don't want to be in a good mood. (I should know he does it to me each and every time I read something he has posted and same can be said for Matt.) You see Brad has touched my heart in more ways then well I think he realizes. I find myself rooting for Brad & Matt every day and I pray for them at night. It's not a worry pray either it is just thanking god that I have him in my life. I can share in some things by reading Matt & Brad's blog and lord knows I put in a good dose of my own opinion in there. I am rambling AGAIN.

  Sid lord he has made me smile a lot and cry and just all around makes me see things in a different light every day. He doesn't mince words and he gets straight to the point. He's honest he's got opinions he has determination. He doesn't in the least strike me as a person who would hurt you on purpose. Unless his friends and family were hurt then you very well may have a very pissed off Sid on your hands. I for one rather have Sid on my good side and it's not because he scares me either. It's because I respect and love his opinions. I know he'd give honest opinions and encouragement no matter what.

  I can never say to much about people I care for and I know I missed a couple people. Like Thorny & Jazz. I honestly don't know how to some up those two into mere words. I can go on and on about how they both can make me smile because of their blog posts. I can say so many great things about all of them. What it comes right down to is the simple fact that. I am so damn glad that I am getting to know them. Getting to form my very own opinions of them. I think they are good opinions about them. I wouldn't change anything I don't regret meeting and talking to them and I truly hope and pray everything in their lives stays good and some things get better.

  So you all might gather I have formed many opinions on some people. I want to share that and then I want to smile and just sit back and think of things that have made me smile. Because honestly I have been given a lot of reasons to smile. A lot of reasons to laugh. A lot of reasons to be excited for some. It's not just what I want to say about people that matter though.

  What truly matters in any ones life is what they themselves think of who they are. I want them to understand that it matters not what others think of you. Not the bad they think of you in anyways. The good can be uplifting. The bad things though are the downers. You can't let that affect you. The reason for that is because once that affects you fully and you start thinking of yourself in a bad light is the time people that love you start worrying a lot about you. The downers are idiots plain and simple. No one should have the right to judge you except for one. That's god and why would he judge us for being who he made us to be? God doesn't make mistakes. He makes us who we are for a reason.

  I want to close with showing a video I think I posted it up a little farther back but only as a link not the video itself on here. (Because I didn't know how yet! My bad.) I hope today is a great day for everyone. Smile, Laugh, dance, dream, hope, enjoy yourself. Above all else continue to love yourself. I think you all are amazing. So the song Amazing is put into this post. George Michael's rocks and he's someone I hope people know well enough to understand his music.


  1. Hawt damn. Awrighty, thanks for the mention, you're a true doll and didn't hafta, but mucho gracias all the same, sweet thang. I know I'm blunt and to the point and can be a real fawkwad while riled and pissed off all to hell (not a side of me you wanna encounter as some have) But these days I remain true to myself and those deserving like yourself will be subjected to the REAL me. Such a hardship huh? :winks: Take care, suga.

  2. ~Chuckles~ I like the real you Sugar Lips (I had to!) Oh no I don't want to see you pissed off all to hell nope but, Sid, sweet thang? lord have mercy I couldn't help but giggle. I am trying to get over a blasted cold AGAIN! Geesh who knew having younger siblings would be so bad on my immune system and blah. Okay I put how I see you. Because that is honestly how your seen through my eyes. You are loyal and protective and GAH the list goes on and on and on and wow. I am rambling again.. SQUIRREL...WAIT WHERE...Sorry I had to put something funny in there...make you smile a little lord knows people need to smile more then frown.