Embrace The Rainbow

Embrace The Rainbow
Embrace The Rainbow

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Person (Poem)

I wrote this back in High school never really thought much about how it would mean a lot to me as I grew older. But it really spoke everything I felt back in school. Even how I feel even today at times. Most people think that you get over what has happened. Others know it still can rock you to your core. Even more others understand that it is there and helps you grow into a better person.

 A Person

Our life begins and ends so quickly
At first it seems dull but then you look back
To a time of talking and smack
Always seems to be quick

Never saying what you need to
Always saying the wrong things
Also in a way you need to be yourself
A person who is so different than others

A person trying to cover up themselves
A person who hides behind so many masks
A person who seems to be like you but it’s not you
A person who tries to be someone else’s slave

A person who hides behind others so no other person can see them
A person who loves one self a little more than others
A person who has so little
A person who wants so much

A person who is there for her friends
A person who is there also for her family
A person who cares so much should be herself and not try to be someone else
A person who cares so much for a lot of other people

She never wants anything in return
So why don’t you just accept that she has a heart of gold sometimes
She accepts that you can’t say anything to her for being nice but thank you
Then she realizes that it’s not her who’s hiding from herself it is the people she is nice to

Inspired by: all people in  NUHS

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