Embrace The Rainbow

Embrace The Rainbow
Embrace The Rainbow

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Running Around

  So most might notice that my posts are starting to look like I'm running around like a chicken with my head cut off. I've had a stressful week and I'm trying to wind down from all that. I took one day off this week and it was alright for a while. I did get slapped though and my jaw is still sore on the other side of my face but, I'm not to worried about it because I know it'll be okay in another day or so.

  Anyways, reason I am away so much right now is for two reasons. One is trying to find a job and earn some cash flow and the second would be trying to relax. (Haha like anyone could relax in a place like this!) I am relaxing a little bit even if it's not as relaxed as I wish to be. I'm still trying to find a job but, hoping that everything will work out in due time. I just feeling like it's been going way to slow. I never thought I'd be out of work in less then a year's time and even then I mean I wasn't supposed to be out of work this year. But, that's nither here nor there either. I might be whining a tad bit about the whole job thing BUT, it's my blog I can whine if I want to right? I can bitch as much as I want to? I think anyways LOL.

  So recap of the week would be everything is going okay. I'm worried about the baby my sister is about to have. (Even though she treats me badly I still worry. It's like kicking a dog I think!) I've had some good days and some bad but, it's nothing out of my normal day. Hoping that the weekend (It's early in the morning here 3 AM to be on point.) will be A-okay and stress and worry free. (Except for my sister's baby coming this weekend ~Crosses fingers~ She is getting so damn annoying with her own whining that it's starting to make me whine! I mean dance and shake the baby loose already woman!) I know I'm mean ~Sticks tongue out at everyone~ Can't help it. I'm a tad bit insane. (You would be to if you had to put up with all the shit I go through on a daily bases.) I'm going to close for the night errr day err morning AH HELL whatever I'm just going to close this post for the time being and perhaps post something else tomorrow. Nighty night folks (GOOD MORNING!!)


  1. (((Iv!))) I'm hanging in there Big Brother just having some wee bit of a problem coping with it all at once.