Embrace The Rainbow

Embrace The Rainbow
Embrace The Rainbow

Monday, October 10, 2011

Random Monday Lists

Alright so I'm going to start something that is different. I was up late last night thinking about the guessing game I used to play as a kid. (Yes the 1- whatever number I could think of and count too LOL!) Anyways, everyone knows I can be sweet so I thought about doing a list of things I worry about constantly but, I'm not like that so I won't I wanted so bad to find the things in my life that made me Happy though and make a list of them. So I thought about it and I know I might have listed it somewhere once before. Also some other lists to give you some ideas of what I like in a few things.

Things that make me truly happy...
1.My Partners
2. My adopted family
3. My online friends from the blogs who really know me as me
4. Talking to people who get it
5. Writing and reading
6. Painting
7. Making people smile or laugh
8. Hanging out with a dear woman who gets what I want in life (Woman is living with my parents and I so I see her everyday)
9. Being made to laugh and smile
10. Finding more things that I enjoy

Make-up I like
1. White Eyeliner (To my cowboy's dismay ~Snickers~ He'll understand when he see's my Blue-Green eyes with the touch of brown in them highlighted.)
2. Gold Lipstick (Add a touch of white coat to lighten the gold a bit and you have a golden kiss!)
3. Blue eye shadow
4. Sage eye shadow
5. White eye shadow (This is to lighten the blue and sage I use and sometimes the purple I use as well.)
6. Black Lipstick (I will not be wearing this much anymore but I still like it!)
7. Any nail polish the I can get my hands on!
8. I like that smokey effect products that they have out there
9. Teal eyeliner (The cream type love it need to get more of that and the silvery one too MHM!)
10. I like a lot of the eyeliner, eye shadows and lipsticks & Lip glosses out there....I always loved dark colors never bright but I'm trying something new and well light colors are coming into play slowly (What I won't try for people that I love and love me. LOVE IS GREAT THOUGH!)

Clothing I like on Men
1. Tight black jeans (Yummy!)
2. Pink button up shirts or T-Shirts (Think that the darker you are the darker the pink should be though!)
3. Anything that looks clean cut and nice on a man (Short list oops lol)

Things that catch my eye on a man or woman
1. Eyes
2. Ass (MHM)
3. Confidence (The way a person walks.)

Things I love about My Partners!
1. The way they understand that even when I am in a bad mood they just nod and listen to what I have to say. Venting is my worst flaw because I take it out on the person I am venting on. (I know Bad girl! Bad Kat!) Everything though works out as well.
2. The way they reassure me that I will be with them soon enough. Even when I doubt that it will be soon.
3. The way they all know when I need to hear or see the words "I love you, Kat" (I admit sometimes I get needy to know they still love me. I am scared and rightfully so due to my past.)
4. The way when I'm mad at one of them the others try to talk me down to a calm level
5. The little surprises they tend to have for me when I'm feeling down about something large for me.
6. When they make me smile and they don't really know it
7. The way they make me laugh
8. The way they try to make me feel better and gain that
9. Just all the little things they have done even though we live apart from each other (For the moment!)
10. The way I love them and they me without having to hide it. We can be honest with each other and have our feelings out there. (Even though I am hard headed and make them fight for it sometimes)

I have separate lists for my partners because they each do their own thing but, I mean I'm sure one day soon I'll put those lists up but, right now no I'll make you all wait. (I'm mean but, it gives me more to talk about later on!)

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