Embrace The Rainbow

Embrace The Rainbow
Embrace The Rainbow

Friday, October 7, 2011

Delighted and so bothered

  ~Squeals~ I got to hear my Baby and my Cowboy tonight! ~Shivers of delight~ We've been no phone contact this whole time just My Wild Fire's songs and things and it's like OMG my baby did this for me.

  Okay so we all know that my partners and I are a long distance relationship what with me in Kentucky and they in Tennessee it's hard on all of us. MHM! My baby and I got into some deeper heavier things about the past and how I feel and yes I balled like a baby a bit. I have held in many things from my past for far to long and that scares most of my partners.

  It scares me to that I bottle it up and bottle it up until I can't take it anymore. He knows how my parents dislike anyone from my adopted family making an attempt at making me happy or making me smile. But nothing could diminish the mood I was in and still am in! I got to talk to my baby and my cowboy all in one night that was great and amazing and it made me happy because it was something new something we'd never had a chance to do until today and well. Can you tell I'm happy as hell and I think I'm bouncing in my seat still!?!?!

  I won't tell everything just that it makes me yearn more to be by their sides and they know and understand this and know that I am trying to get into a school down there so I can do everything that I need to do! Okay I need to chill out because honestly the happiness meter I have is over flowing! But, seriously tonight has been great and just well amazing and GUESS WHAT? We can do it again soon as he and the others have enough time out of their work life to talk a little more. ~Fans self~ Oi I can't help but be excited.

  Yes I am a bit overly happy I know but, if most understood how hard it is to be apart from the one or ones you love you'd get and understand that this sucks for me. I take it one day at a time and everything will fall into place with my life. Just as it will for everyone else I know. Just smile take it one day at a time and learn that praying helps and it doesn't matter who you pray to as long as you believe in something of higher power. I take what life throws out at me as smoothly as I possibly can. It's hard but, I do get through it with help from my supportive partners and my adopted family (Big Bro Vic and some other special people I know.)

  So yes I'm happy even with something so little BUT, it was so huge and meaningful to me. So much so that I wrote a letter to them all but, I am not posting that here it's for them and them only because it has a lot of very personal things in it for our eyes only. Nothing personal against anyone but, some love letters just are to personal to share out there with everyone.


  1. We can't believe we missed this post!! Better late than never, right? It's so nice to read how happy you sound. Being able to open up to your guys about important stuff is so important. We're both grinning from ear to ear! Ain't love wonderful? HUGE HUGS TO YOU!
    Matty & Brad

  2. ~Chuckles softly~ Let's just say last night I was madder than hell when my net went out on me and I was doing the whole voice clip thing again with my Baby MHM don't mess with a hot and bothered young woman when she's in a good mood that goes OH so down hill...Love is great Matt & Brad I can't believe that I got bloody nervous talking to them just through voice clips but it gets a lot better.

    Let's just say hearing them for the first time was amazing...I cried last night though because My Cowboy said I didn't need eyeliner because I was beautiful already (Just to be basic he said A LOT more about the eyeliner color I chose at first.) But, it helped me a lot where I have issues with my looks to begin with. He's seen pictures of me so he knows what I look like well they all have seen pictures. ~Grins softly~ Let's just say hearing them tell me I am beautiful just made me ball like a big baby but it wasn't a bad thing.

    Only thing that could have been better is that I could talk to all of them. (I hate their work hours!) (Oh yeah plus the fact My Danny Boy was in the hospital a few days ago does not help me AT ALL.)~Hugs you both and whispers~ Guess what you two are amazing and missed the post hmm better late than never is right. I can't quit smiling and besides you two care about me which helps me out A LOT as well. Yes I'm a long comment girl at times but, it's just how I am feeling. (Danny Boy and I am chatting tonight through typing so yes I am type happy. He's doing great I know about his Diabetes and things so it sucks)