Embrace The Rainbow

Embrace The Rainbow
Embrace The Rainbow

Monday, October 3, 2011

10 Things That make me smile?

Okay so I was thinking about everything that makes me smile and of course I wanted to put it up here and make you smile or laugh or giggle a bit.

1. A good romance book with lots of steamy scenes in it
2. V.Vee with her wit and how she will support her friends and family for everything she is worth
3. Matt & Brad because they are just so damn loveable and are sweethearts
4. Thorny & Jazz because they always have something nice to say or something that they would love to share
5. My partners make me smile all the time even when we're having our little fights/bigger fights
6. My two youngest siblings who are just starting to figure out everything in life
7. When I draw something that I think looks worse than what others think it looks
8. My paintings that come out nothing like I imagined they would turn out
9. My poems and writings that I've worked on that I don't think are good enough to be shown to the world
10. Every little thing that I find can make me smile even when I am sad or down or putting myself down

It's not really in this order but, which ever order it'd be in it still fits into things that make me smile and I have more but, this is what I came up with and oh yeah a number eleven would be this one below

11. All the blogs I read that have something that has meaning to the person or persons in it...it's not like it's not real but the people behind it make it the best they all can