Embrace The Rainbow

Embrace The Rainbow
Embrace The Rainbow

Monday, August 29, 2011

Showing the Love

  How does one show Love? Well there are many ways, but my favorite way is to hold someone through the pain they are feeling or hold them just because I think they need it at that given moment. Supporting the person you love or the people you love and care for is important. It doesn't matter where you are at when your friends or friend needs you. If they need your advice you help them no matter how busy your life is. Taking that time to show your love and support means a lot more than you could ever know.

  I find that loving the men I am with I like to hold their hand when they are having a rough time of it. It makes me scared to know that they are hurting and Ii can't be right there with them. They live a few hundred miles away from me right now, but I am faithful to them and they to me. That is what counts. I am a very loving and caring person who is very supportive, but when I or a friend gets hurt or even my loves get hurt that is when this Kitty Kat brings out her claws.

  I show my support in many ways which one would be fighting back with the people who hurt my loved ones. I am very sensitive to people I love getting harmed. Supporting them through that is something I do first then I open up a can of whop ass on the people that hurt them. I can be a good person nice and kind, but when you cross the line I am a very mean woman. I guess we all have it in us, but it's like this. No one wants to be hurt and I for one don't want to hurt others. Yet, when it comes to friends and my loves and my family I can get to the point of hurting a person back over them.

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