Embrace The Rainbow

Embrace The Rainbow
Embrace The Rainbow

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Oops My Bad

  What does this really mean when people tell you "Oops, My Bad."? Well here is how I see some of it since I have had some people say it to me recently. Oops, My Bad can mean a dozen different things, but the two most common ways it is used are this way. Oops, My Bad I didn't realize or Oops, My Bad I kinda believed the lies.

  Sometimes how people treat others makes them angry.Being lied about or being lied to hurts a person. It doesn't matter who it is that lies on you it is going to get some reactions. Yet, when someone tells the truth on lies that others have told and got caught up in, you get a ten times worse reactions than when you lie about them. That to me is being a fake. That is worse much worse in my book than telling the truth and not being believed about it. You don't have to be a fake to be liked and well liked at that. So many people can be fake, but it takes a real woman or a real man to be themselves.

  I get most angry though when lies are spread about me. This does not help matters when the real truth comes out and the ones who had believed the lies say "Oops, My Bad."  What is That person or persons bad is that they believed lies over someone telling them the stone cold hard truth and facts of the matter. They didn't want to believe the truth from you, yet when it comes out it is an "Oh I'm sorry I didn't believe you." kind of deal. Not many people can say that they have never done an "Oops, My Bad." moment because ninty percent of the time there is at least one "Oops, My Bad." That is said and it just isn't in response to believing lies or anything. You could have forgotten to get something from the store and you say that. Yet, my two main reasons of writing this are listed in here. "Oops, My Bad." has been said a lot in my life and honestly yes it is that persons bad because they would have rather believed the bad in me. Rather than the good that they know I have inside of me on a daily bases!

  So this is the plan for me. Stop listening to the "Oops, My Bad." Bullshit and start finding my own way in life and stop worrying about what other people think and say about me. Reason being is if they are talking trash about me then they aren't trash talking anyone else. They leave others alone while they talk trash behind my back. Trust me I rather save people a whole lot of grief and just let them talk bad about me rather than you.

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