Embrace The Rainbow

Embrace The Rainbow
Embrace The Rainbow

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

College/Gay Marriage Discussion

  Okay most of you know that I am not in college. Yet, my pregnant sister is. She had brought up in her discussion question about gay marriage. So I am going to share with some of you what my sister and what I think of gay marriage.

  I myself think that gays and lesbians and even bisexuals should have the right to marry whoever they want to. The law and the government should not have a say over whom marries whom. To me being bisexual means I can love either sex if not both if I wanted to. That being said though I am also faithful to the ones I am with right now. Just because we love the same sex or love more than one we are looked down upon. WTF? This happens every day and I realize this. I don't have a problem with myself or my relationships. So why should anyone else? Why should they have the right to judge me? Then I realize they have no right to judge, but they do have a right to their own opinions. So that being said they can have their opinions as long as they do not judge me. What hurts is that being judged leaves a person in a sour mood. Or it leaves me in a sour mood. Don't know about everyone else, but it does me.

  My sister thinks as I do and she wrote about that today for her college discussion. She didn't see that it had been brought up more than once already. So yes this is very weird for us both because Kentucky isn't to keen on Gay Rights. Yet, there are many college students at the college my sister goes to that is all for gay rights and gay marriage. (She read it all off to me and I was amazed!) Wow...Just wow. Six answers where on gay rights and gay marriage. My sister put hers into words that includes Lesbians, Gays, and Bisexuals. She put us all into the post because that is how she feels. Marriage should be allowed to all and that is how she honestly feels. She is bisexual, but in a straight laced relationship with a man. She is all for gay rights and that makes me smile daily.

  So what do you all think about this? Any opinions? Any comments? I had a few and they were all something nice to say about how people are really starting to change and say things that can make anyone smile or be proud of!!

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