Embrace The Rainbow

Embrace The Rainbow
Embrace The Rainbow

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Facts & Good News

  Alright so I thought about everything long and hard through the days and nights and found that most everyone that reads my blog I love to death! Not everyone though knows some big facts about me. So I'm going to share a few facts about me and some false ones to see if anyone can guess. (Have got to thank Ivvie from over at Ivan & Friends for his own facts about the bloggsters of his hehe.)

1. I was born in Ohio and raised there until I was about 18 (True or False)
2. I hate snakes & Spiders (True or false)
3. I love to sing & dance (True or False)
4. I hate to read (Easy one and I'll tel lyou the answer now that's false....I love to read.)
5. Barney the Purple Dinosaur was my hero growing up. (True or False)
6. I loved Barney as a child (True or False)
7. Ivvie is my adopted Big Brother (TRUE!! I'm going to just give yall that one)
8. I have adopted quite a few of my blogging friends at family (Again this is a given Truth)
9. I'm a blonde but I have red hair (True or false)
10. I am thinking about trying anal sex (true or false)
11. People think I am sweet yet I beg to differ with them (True or false)
12. I'm still a virgin (True or false)
13. I'll be 21 in February (Truth from hell)
14. I like to make sure people are okay even if I worry my ass off about them when they tell me they are fine (True or false)

Okay since I know some are true and I gave some of the answers perhaps next time I'll just make them harder these are easy and oh yeah SHE HAD THE BABY AND NOW I AM AN AUNT AGAIN!!!! LORDY LORD PLEASE HELP ME WITH THAT ONE!  Mini update...Baby weighed in at 9 pounds 10 ounces and is 21 inches long. What a DAMN big baby girl she had hmm??? Oh yeah I was flipping dead the fuck out on the poundage of the baby but you know what I told everyone that was important to me about the baby being born. So am I excited? A bit but that is subject to change when my sister gets home and bitches and whines about everything of that I am sure. Can't wait to see the baby though. (I am hoping and praying it has less of the baby daddy's features than it does of my sister's at least then hehe I can say she had a child that looks a lot like her. (Although the baby is a bit bigger than she was when she was born 19 years ago lol.)


  1. Not sure about any of these but will attempt.

    1 false
    2 true
    3 true
    4 false
    5 & 6 You have the purple one twice, so true
    7 true
    8 true
    9 false
    10 true
    11 true
    12 um, well, I dunno in the whole sense, true?
    13 true
    14 true

    congrats on the niece

  2. 1. True
    2. True
    3. True
    4. false
    5. False
    6. True
    7. TRUE!!
    8. True
    9. True
    10. true (After years of being scared of it due to being forced to a couple times yes I am thinking of trying it willingly.)
    11. True
    12. False, Because I count sex toys in there.
    14. True

    Thank you Sid and Ivvie for congratulating me on being an aunt I'm happy about it now let's see how long that lasts when my sister gets home from the hospital.

    By the way Ivvie Love you Big brother.

    Sid I love you too!