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Embrace The Rainbow
Embrace The Rainbow

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Temper be Told & Truth be Told

  Does everyone have a temper? I always wondered what set my temper off the most? What hurt me the most? What made me feel the lowest?

  I'm 21 years old and know just about everything that sets me off. Sometimes I just want to bust people in the mouth because they set me off. They think that they know everything, that they can treat someone so poorly and not have someone lose their temper.

  I know all the bibles commandments. Honor thy mother and thy father? That is the biggest one that gets me. You have to honor them? What does it really mean? Respect them? I don't know how to really explain what I feel towards my mother and my father. It's some where between dislike and serve hatred.

  I know some wouldn't understand how I feel about them. These are two people who have literally put me down about myself. They have hit me one to many times for my liking yet when ever they say "Lucy we need this amount of money to keep...." whatever freaking bill on I normally never tell them no but gods how I wish I could.

  I feel walls enclose around me. Feel like I have to do everything they say just because I use their net to get online. I help them with that when I can.

  Now, to say that I'm pissed off would be one major thing. A 12 year old saying she needs to calm her nerves down. (My youngest sister.) Excuse me for saying this but, the child has it made. She doesn't get picked on in school she's well liked, she has friends more than any girl really needs. Excuse me for thinking that she's just a child who has nothing to worry about but her grades and her friends. Yet, she cries each and every time she's asked to do something.

  When I was her age I was getting picked on constantly. I was being hit and called names. I fought back and earned a lot of bruises through out my school career. I had to worry about which person would jump me with a hoard of others to back them up. I had perhaps five true friends that would be there to help me whenever I needed it. By the time I was a freshmen in high school I was known as the one that didn't give up or back down. But, to say that I didn't give up would be a lie. I gave up that year. I transferred to an online school which I had talked about before.

  I don't take well to being bossed around by people. Last person who tried to boss me ended up told off. (Mind you this was a lazy boss who had something against women working in a recycling center. That wasn't my main boss though. My main boss died Aug. 3rd 2011. This was after I had been fired for a year already. I don't regret standing up for myself.) I'm free spirited and a bit temperamental. If a boss is nice and asks for something and isn't prejudice then I'm fine with working for them.

  I guess the reasons I'm so mad and needed to vent about all of it is because of how I'm treated. Bossy ass people get annoying. Ones who think and wish to act like they are my "mother" are ignored. Which is one reason I'm not to well liked by many face to face I would guess. I've get a mean ass temper that can bite people on the ass if they say something that sets me off.

  What I'm saying is that not everyone knows or sees what I feel. They can guess and ask but when it comes right down to it....I'm guarded. So deeply that I fight the ones closest to me. I care deeply for people but, I also still guard myself just in case.

  My temper is a defense.
  My anger is a defense.
  My hatred is a defense.
  My guarding of myself is a defense.

  My sweetness is something I thought I lost. Yet, my adopted family they think I'm sweet, kind, caring, & loyal.

  Yet, when I go on the defensive that sweet, loving, caring, loyal woman just becomes and evil bitch. One who has hatred, anger, hurtful thoughts & doesn't care until it's to late to take something back.

  I started referring to that hurtful angry side of me as Kitty Kat. (Also one of my partners calls me this when I am being sweet towards him.)

  I'm also very prideful. Which honestly is very bad because when pride gets in the way. Well, I don't admit that I'm wrong much to anyone.

  So, Truth be told on the truth about my temper. A lot can set it off. My mother (Biological), My father (biological), my sisters (biological), my brothers (biological), know it all people, & bossy people.

  Also truth be told I love to learn. Love to read and write. Absolutely love to talk to my partners. I'm very sweet when I'm calm. I'm not just a child anymore. I have feelings that are real and true.

  Everything seems so suffocating when I'm angry or upset. I seem to lose myself at times to the anger and I seem to not wish to calm down right away. Writing helps that a lot. Although sometimes my writing when I'm mad is dark and dangerous.

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