Embrace The Rainbow

Embrace The Rainbow
Embrace The Rainbow

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Day after 21st B-Day

  My day yesterday was more than I had expected and to be honest I was happy with everything.

  I got a camcorder and it takes pictures!!!! I got my incense that I have been wanting for quite awhile now and they got 120 incenses I was happy to see them! I am into anything that has the Serenity's Prayer on it. About a year ago now I had one of them busted and I was so depressed about it because that was the last one I had. I got three different ones now! One small serenity's prayer one medium and One photo frame that's big I love it! Then I got this daughter's thing. I really like what it says.

  Yes even after all those my birthday still wasn't done. I had gotten to talk to my three of my partners last night and one of the others made an appearance to give me a gift from a partner of mine that is quite pissed off at me. My babes sent me 12 songs (Remakes) that him and my Wild Fire's band did together. He featured in two of them and that was so special to me. The gift that was dropped off to me looked like a peacock feather. Most don't know that I have a nickname of PP....which stands for Proud Peacock. So yes I broke down crying for a few minutes. 2 minutes before midnight last night my time my baby told me he loved me and we said goodnight and went to bed.

  Now, it's a new day and yes I feel a bit happier and more at peace. My birthday is over I'm still breathing and alive. I made it through with very little mishaps and very small amounts of crying. I did have to shake myself out of thinking and yes I was a bit scared that people wouldn't understand my thoughts. I had very little sugar in my system and I was  very calm very mellow and just myself. I was happy and yes I slept until noon yesterday and I was entitled to sleeping in it was my birthday.

  Oh yes I also got me a pair of Tennies! Yes finally I got my tennies that I have been needing lol.

    My mood right now is just very very very very happy I'm trying to figure out just how happy I am but well not about to think about it.


  1. It seems that you have had a very good birthday!

    Birthdays have been known to be a bit difficult for ALL the people. Glad that you have made it without much hiccups :) XX

    1. I made it through. Was happy to make it through it all. Now on to writing and trying to find music I can listen to. LOL!