Embrace The Rainbow

Embrace The Rainbow
Embrace The Rainbow

Monday, February 13, 2012

10 things that I love about my partners

So since it's V-day tomorrow I wanted to post a list up. Just one list and it's for all the partners that I have.

Ten things I love about them.
1. I love the way they tell me that I'm beautiful. Even though I don't feel beautiful. Nor do I think I am but they do so I love that about them.
2. The way they tell me they love me at the right times. Mostly this happens when they least know what is going on. They have made my night 100% better by telling me I love you. (BUTTERFLIES!)
3. Uh the way they say they miss me when it's just been a couple days of not talking to each other. Or when it has been a couple months (Due to them working a lot).
4. I love how each and every single one of them reassures me that everything will work out. (Even when I think it won't!)
5. I love when they are right because normally it is over something I've worried about that they are right about LOL.
6. I love how each and every single one of them are different yet they love me. (They care for each other to BIG PLUS!)
7. I love that they can make me smile.
8. I love that they all can make me laugh so easily.
9. I love that they tell things to me straight and they tell me the truth.
10. I love that when I tell them I love them they always say I love you too.

  If someone was to ask me what the greatest gifts in my life were right now I'd simply tell them this. The greatest gifts in my life is my adopted family and the partners that I love. My partners complete me in a way that I could not put into words. My adopted family are the best and even though I've not met them face to face I hope one day that I can because I love them so much.

If someone was to ask me if I saw myself where I am now four years ago. I think I would have told them I didn't know where I would be. I think that I would have also told them to let me be. Most of all I wouldn't have been the sweet and pleasant person I am today. People told me all my life that love changes people.

  That may be so but if that love is true then you change what needs to and keep the rest. You become the person that you need to be. You live your life to the fullest no matter what.

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!!
Love & Hugs
Squeezes & Smooches

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
Love letters are sweet
 Just like you
So the blush so red that I love
Be shown fully
No Feeling Blue
Because you are dearly loved.

Vic is to Daniel
Matt is to Brad
Ivan is to Milo
Thorny is to Jazz
Make sure yall have a hell of a day. Do what does you. Talking and enjoying yourselves is a MUST!
To the rest of my adopted family you do the same and remember that I love you!

I'm going to have the best V-Day just keeping it simple. I'm talking to my partners hopefully and then snuggling into my warm bed at the end of the night with a smile on my face. (That is a must no if ands or buts about it!)


  1. Oooh I love the "love lists" too :)
    Have a wonderful and happy Valentine's Day with your partners, sweetie :)

  2. thanks kat, happy love day to you, :)

  3. Thank you Brahmin! I intend to have an amazing Valentine's Day with my partners. Just talking to them is enough. Last nights small conversation was about dogs but it was fun and made me smile. I'm not sweating what day it is I'm just going to enjoy.

    Thanks Ivie! <3 Happy Love day to you as well! Love you Big Brother!