Embrace The Rainbow

Embrace The Rainbow
Embrace The Rainbow

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Fun & The night after

  So let's see what I can tell everyone about my Christmas. Let's just say I got the most amazing gift in the world and then some. I got to talk to my sweetheart. Now I know I talk a lot about my partners & how they work a lot. Well Christmas started early for me. Starting with My Wild Fire and I talking a few days before Christmas. I find that Christmas this year was better than all the years before.

  I love a lot of men in my life and admit to that and the best gift of all is when I get to talk to them. I love them a lot and the best gift to date from them from all of them is just being able to chat with them. My mother has a thing of saying it's not real unless you are face to face. She's wrong so very very wrong. This is the third perhaps Christmas I've spent "Together" With my Sweetheart but yet Apart. It hurts but I love him. It's the third Christmas I spent apart from three of the partners I have and the second for some and the very first for some of my other partners BUT, it never gets any easier but it does get better.

  Each year around New Years I tell myself this is the last New Years I'll spend away from them. Yet, I never seem to make that happen. Well this year I'm not vowing that I am making it happen. This is the very Last New Years I am spending apart from my partners. Not because it's my wish BUT, because I am determined for it to be so.

  Okay I got off on one of my rambles but Christmas was good for my blood family and I until around 7:30 in the evening when someone just so happened to start fighting and yelling. My Lil Bro got a pool table the small portable ones damn is it fun! LOL. So I spent most of my Christmas playing pool with My Lil Sis and my Lil Bros, Both of them what a hellish day. We ate soon after the presents were opened and I was stuffed by the time the fighting started and I just couldn't be bothered to fight or argue.

  I hadn't been online all day and decided to see how Vic and everyone else's Christmas had gone that I could get a hold of. ~Snickers~ Oh the best present from my family I got was from My Big Bro Vic. I love his writing I love reading whatever he is posting up and most importantly I love him dearly. I'm going to say this. If he asked me what I would have wanted it would have been asking for his Christmas story for the Tate Pack. I loved it! More importantly it was one gift that I wasn't expecting. (I got my daily dose of reading in and I gotta say it was damn fine reading!)

Okay, so the night after was a bit more depressing and saddening because I was running on empty by the time 6:30 of the 26th rolled around. Needless to say down the road there was a fire a trailer had caught fire by someone or something. I have to say I think someone started the fire. Needless to say that is why I've been gone until today. The fire knocked out the phone and internet until today. The phone company came out for two days and worked on it until today wow it's FIXED! The people who were moving into that trailer are fine they weren't there when the fire started nor did they come back until the next day. They did however lose a lot of their things but thank gods they didn't lose their lives.

  So everyone here is A-Okay. I'm fine the people down the road are fine and all is well in the world let's just hope that my New Years is amazing. (No drinking for me Thank you very much!) I'm just going to relax and stay up with the lil sis talking and also getting on MSN and talking to family and friends and MY PARTNERS! New Years is my time to wish them the best for 2012 and a Very Happy New Year's!

Don't worry I'm a bit UP in cheer right now I can't wait until the New Year nor can I wait to start writing again. 2012 is going to be the BEST year for me, for my friends, for my family, AND for my partners. I can feel it!!!!


  1. I thought I commented on this but it doesn't show, anyway, I hope you have a wonderful NYW and a great 2012 and that it's all you hopefor

  2. I am sure it will be Big Brother so far it's become a better holiday for me. Much love around that's for sure. ~Hugs tightly~