Embrace The Rainbow

Embrace The Rainbow
Embrace The Rainbow

Friday, December 9, 2011

4 Reasons Why..........& A long bitchy story

Alright so I know I might have worried a few people with being away for quite a few days. I'm going to give a list of reasons why.

1. Ex-roommate (Oh yes I said EX)
2. I need some time to chill out from those problems
3. I don't want to take things out on others
4. I have limited computer time on my mother's desktop (She has college work needless to say for the rest of this week.)

  Alright to address the first reason why I ain't been online posting to many comments. It was Dec. 2nd the day after I got the stuff I needed to get done for heat and what not and everything done. I wanted to check to see if I could fix my laptops charger and went over to my parents. I had it out in words with my roommate a few minutes before going up. Now I did go back down to get some clothes about 2 pm EST. The door was locked FROM the inside. I knocked and knocked and got fed the hell up. (No key to unlock the door for any of us. The EX-roommate was inside anyways.) I went down to that little country store we have in my little small town. That was around 4 PM EST. I came back and went down again to get me some clothes. Can you guess were this is going. Door locked no answer from inside.

  Now I have a temper a really big temper. I came back up to my parents and grabbed one of those small hammers that a strong man could break. I went back down and knocked louder and again no answer. What do you think I did? ~Evil grin~ I'm a bitch...There WAS glass on the front door and when I got no answer I smashed the damn glass so I could get in. THAT was when the ex-roommate heard me. I find it absolutely idiotic that she heard glass breaking but couldn't hear me knocking quite loudly. She had jumped up and instantly started cussing me. Oh no no no no no no that is the biggest no no when I am already mad as hell about not getting to where everything I own is at.

  She is cussing me and telling me I had no right and said she wanted the cops called. This is about the time my mother gets down there. (I did have permission to break the window before doing it. My parents are the one that rent the place to begin with!) I still have the hammer in my hand and getting cussed and my temper is not in check. So I turn around and start cleaning up my mess getting all that glass out of the window of the door and she cussing me every breath. I am not fond of being yelled at and not fond of people telling me what I would and would not do if someone else was there. My father wasn't home and nither was the ex-roommate's boyfriend. Like I told her "Oh yes I would and I'll tell them both when they get back that I did it and why." I HATE being locked out of my place. She over stepped the boundaries by talking about me and my BIG pussy. ~Takes deep breath~ Oh yeah one I haven't had anything and won't until I move to Tennessee so one that was a hell "Bitch you are one to talk about BIG pussy...." But I didn't say anything I bit my tongue and turned and started doing what I was. (Hammer still in hand! Idiot! Don't insult a woman who has a weapon and will USE IT!)

  Pat, a friend from up the road stopped and the ex-roommate is screaming at her to call the police. At this time I am so fed up with her yelling I make sure Pat can hear me and say "Pat, don't worry you don't have to call the cops I will." I walked up to my parents house and dialed 911 and stayed at my parents house and held my niece to calm down fully. (Surprisingly she fell asleep in my arms and I was calmer.) Cops did come and asked me the problem and I told them. The ex-roommate was told that I had every right to be able to get into my home and to my things.

  Now I don't mind being told I ain't allowed to eat her food. I don't mind that I was told not to sit on her things. I don't mind that she was talking behind my back when I went down there to get some of my things after the cops left. I just could give a fuck less what she thinks of me. BUT, what I do mind is people who over step clear boundaries....My partners, My Love Life, Even my private parts are not something ANYONE needs to talk about or use to insult me. If you're grown enough to run your mouth at least be grown enough to know what you say. I am very evil when it comes to getting what I need done. I held it in and didn't hit her. But, I still had to go back the next day to get the REST of my belongings.

Dec. 3rd
   Don't think for a minute that I was going to wait for everything to blow over. I paid my fair share of rent and I had every right to go into that place. I waited until near dark because they were out doing gods knows what. I think that I would rather not know one little bit. I was going to let my father handle it but I needed to get everything that I owed so I went down to. No sooner than walking in she is ordering my father to tell me to get out? Can anyone say INSTANT pissed off mood! Kitty Kat was out and claws where sharp. If she had STAYED out of my face. She'd of been A-okay. I took so much of her yelling in my face before shoving her out of my face.

  She swung on me. Now I don't know about anyone else but, with me it is the biggest mistake in your life to swing at me even once. I've had to fight for 10 years to keep myself safe and unharmed. (Not always possible mind you but still.) She connected with my chest and I was more pissed off than before. Face okay hit me in the face that's alright but you won't get away with it. Hit me in the chest and I'm going to go for the other person's face not the chest. That is what I did. Now hair grabbing and pulling in a fight is a HELL NO. A big do not do it when I am fighting someone. She pulled my hair. I punched her all that much harder before yanking her hair to force her to let go. I am normally a sweet down to earth woman but, get on my bad side and you throw the first punch and I won't be so sweet.

  I don't know what it is with people getting in the middle of two fighting women but her boyfriend got in the middle. We had four rounds and she said something about my men AGAIN! I took it once but I'd be damned if I was going to take it more than that once. I pounced again. I am not one bit sorry I won't be sorry I don't regret it. She asked for every bit of what I gave to her. She screaming that we always treated her badly? Ding round three was on it's way to being up against her indian knick knacks. She grabbed the hair AGAIN! For gods sake I hate a bitch who can't fight with fists and has to grab hair to fight. I had it all I had was my fists and she wanted to grab hair alright then I'll show her who was the one coming out on top.

  After that round she tried to hit my mother. I know I don't like my mother but, when she wasn't even doing anything nobody is going to go after her. I shoved her into the kitchen and away from my mother and me. Now I said I didn't have any weapons but my fists well she picked up an old time cast iron skillet those really heavy ones. My sister walked in at just the right time to grab her around the arms when I had my back turned. I grabbed the skillet and tossed it back into the kitchen and swept her feet out from under her. I was getting tired of this idiot and just went to get my things. My father just let us fight it out. Tim..the ex-roommate's boyfriend was outside because he couldn't handle it. All I went down there for was my things. I got a lot more than that.

  I know this is a bad side of me but, honestly I don't know how to back down when someone is coming at me and screaming in my face and being warned I won't take it much longer. I was fair I didn't pick anything up on her to hit her with. All I hit her with were my fists. I am so tired of finding that people can be cruel when all you ever tried to do was do things that they asked of you. I cooked for her and watched her act like a child most nights with her man. I watched that very same man walk out the door to calm down after she had treated him poorly. Yet, I was the one who had done everything wrong in her eyes. I was the one who was lying. I don't think so. I put up with many many things in my life BUT, that is not one of them.

  I am always honest no matter what I do. I try every day to get up and smile. I would rather be happy than handle a 39 year old baby! Who when she doesn't get her way throws a fit and goes to her room to scream and pout and act like it's all someone elses fault but her own. I was raised to be respectful to people older than me. I learned that when the ones older than you don't give respect that they should not get it. Because they take advantage of you once you give them respect and an ounce of power. Not everyone is like that but some that I have met really are like that. I can't handle 25 and up adults acting like they want everyone to do everything for them. That isn't how the world works. You have to do things for yourself and stand on your own. It's nice when you can say that you can and that you don't have to do it all alone though.

  I want to have everything in order and right. I don't need to be treated like I'm a doormat and I won't be treated like that. I think everyone should know that. I can be sweet and kind and loving. Just never go to hit me and everything will be fine. Treat me the way you wish to be treated and I'll treat you the same. We all put our close on the same way. One leg at a time and one arm at a time.


  1. That sounds simply awful. I'm sorry you had to go through all that. But, shouldn't your ex-roommate be made to leave and not you? Anyway, big hugs. I hope things improve soon, :)

  2. I chose to leave less headaches. ~Hugs Iv~ It's starting to get better already I've been getting the ball rolling on getting into school BIG time.