Embrace The Rainbow

Embrace The Rainbow
Embrace The Rainbow

Thursday, October 4, 2012

One Day The Good Will Out Weigh The Bad

"One day the good will out weigh the bad"

One day, one month, one year
It gets easier to breath as time goes on
Two years, three years, four years
It's lifting and the fear is going
five years, six years, seven years
It's all going to be okay
eight years, nine years, ten years
was it a dream that woke me or a memory of old
I know I'm loved by many
Each day, each month, each year
Constants in my life that I need
Life gets busy even when you remember the bad with the good
Shifting my mind to the good is hard
As the years go by perhaps I shall find
That the good out weighs the bad
Love is there although not always fair
I have a family
I have a life
I have what I need the most
Those I know say I'm a great writer
They want to see more and more
The books I write claim half my time
I keep on writing even though some may say bad things
It's the good reviews that count the most
It's the people that love me and what I do and who I am that matter the most
It may have taken so many years to find
The perfect imperfect balance that I've needed for so long
Let my mind rest easy
As I think about the loved ones that hope for things to get better for me
They have my back even when I am fearful
They will always stick around even as One year becomes ten or forty
My mind rests easier as the years go by today it's a year
On down the road the years will become more
One to two
Two to three
Three to four
Four to five
I count the days, I count the months, and I count the years
Looking forward to when I can say
"It's okay the good out weighs the bad. I love you guys and gals."
Also looking forward to the day when I can think and say
"Yes, I really believe I am amazing, loving, caring, good, and fabulous!"

Poems are one thing that when I get inspired to write I can't stop until it's finished. This one I jut wrote to Vicktor. He's been my big brother for awhile now. I can't tell you what the last year of knowing him has fully meant to me. He uplifts me and I try my hardest to do the same for him. So far I've written just a few poems. Yet, to me they have meaning. I hope this one can have meaning to others as well. ~Blows kisses~ Peace, Love, Joy, & a ton of kisses & hugs


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    1. ~Hugs back~ Hi Ivie. I miss you. I hope you are doing amazing today.