Embrace The Rainbow

Embrace The Rainbow
Embrace The Rainbow

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What I love about EYES!!

  Most people don't know that the biggest thing that can turn me on is a person's eyes. Now my partners know this & we talk about why I like eyes and eye color so much.

  First of all eye color has always been a thing for me that I look for the most. Take for example my eyes. My eyes are blue, with green tints, and a couple brown speckles on the lower part of my eye coloring. I've taken pictures where my make-up is all done up. Sometimes I look like I have full green eyes BUT, I don't. Sometimes I look as though I have a light blue eye color, again I don't. I always want to get a closer look at my eyes and I see the blue the green and the little bit of brown. I love my eyes because they are just a part of me.

  My niece's eyes are blue but to me they look blueish-grey. I really can't tell but I love the darker outer ring of blue then the light blue which makes it look grey to me.

  One of my partners has deep grey/black eyes. I mean they are really dark grey to the point I've nicknamed him "Black eyes". He could make me just melt with those eyes of his. ~Happy sigh~ Yummy just Yummy!

  I've always loved looking at the eyes and the color of them this didn't just pop up out of the blue. You see I have always found eyes to be like the window into a person's soul. The eye color is something that I haven't figured out yet why it makes me smile and analyze what Ii am seeing.

  I think there is no certain eye color that gets to me deep down BUT, all my partners have a different color to their eyes. I plan on looking into them A LOT! So when I do I'll tell you my thoughts on each of their eye colors. Until then we'll see if I can't figure out some eye colors that I find smexy as hell!

Lots of love & Kisses!!

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